6″ Uro-Fiber™ Finisher Pad

Made in the USA
Patent Pending dual fiber stitch
Strongest interface foam on the market
Built around the Gear-Driven DA, Long Throw DA and Standard DA polishers
Not recommended for a High-Speed/Rotary polisher
Clean with soft nylon brush or compressed air per buffing cycle
Able to cut, polish and finish on soft paints
Available in 6”, 5”, 3” diameters
If you like the overall performance and versatility of Buff and Shine’s Uro-Fiber pads (with the “black and white” fibers), but you felt like you needed just a bit more fine-finishing capability, then you will appreciate Uro-Fiber Finisher Pads. Buff and Shine listened to the feedback from end-users of Uro-Fiber pads and engineered a new microfiber pad with a standard pile height and shorter profile that provides great finishing results, especially on softer paints.

It is still possible to cut and finish with the Uro-Fiber Finisher pads, but most technicians will prefer to have the one-two punch we like to call “The Uro-Fiber Twins”. Start with the versatility of the Uro-Fiber pads for cutting and polishing, then bring the paint to an amazing finish with the Uro-Fiber Finisher.

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