9″ US Yellow Med. Cut/Polish Foam Grip Pad™ with Center Tee, Ventilation Holes

The patented Center Tee System will provide the end user with fast easy pad loading and centering every time. The Center Tee is permanently mounted to the pad and can’t get lost like plastic centering tubes. Our Center Tee Contour Ventilated Foam Pads have quality hook & loop material with a straight down recessed cup for extra protection. We have a wide range of durable open cell foams and the contoured edge conveniently fits automotive style lines for easy buffing. The ventilation holes reduce heat build up along with a smoother buffing action.

Diameter: 9″
Mounting: Grip Pad
Material Type: Reticulated Polyester Foam
Material Color: Yellow
Application: Lt. Compounding/Polishing
Foam PPI: 50
Thickness: 1.5″
Suggested RPM: 1200 – 1750

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