aluminium cleaner

Pack Sizes:

5Lt, 20Lt, 210Lt



Aluminium Cleaner contains a blend of acids and has been specially developed to clean and brighten aluminium. Aluminium Cleaner contains a corrosion inhibitor to reduce the risk of damage to sensitive metals.



  • Removes the heaviest soils and corrosion
  • Corrosion inhibitor incorporated to prevent attack on other metals
  • Rejuvenates finish
  • Powerful bend to reduce cleaning time


How To Use:

Dilute Aluminium Cleaner with better 1:4 or 1:8 depending ipon the degree of soiling. Apply by sprayer, using a long lance attachment, starting from the vehicle base and working upwards. Allow to penetrate and work for 5 minutes, then hose off with water.


Read data sheet full before commencing work and ensure that recommended safety equipment is available. Do not use on anodised aluminium. Do not leave in contact with glass – rinse off immediately.


Works Well With:

Vikan Brushes


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