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20Lt, 1000Lt



Autowash is a neutral shampoo designed for application via gantry brushwash units for cleaning of vehicle exteriors, including buses, coaches, trains, commercial vehicles and cars. Autowash not only cleans, it lubricates the bristles, is kind to paint and rinses freely to provide an excellent finish. It is also ideally suited for use in reclaim systems.



  • Neutral paint friendly vehicle detergent
  • Deep cleaning action suitable for cleaning cars
  • Shampoo ideal for car wash systems
  • Suitable for brush wash use
  • Kind to paint
  • Easy rinse formula


How To Use:

Suitable for manual use or through brushwash machines. Use automatic dosing for brushwash at 1:200. Where high foam is required, foam sprayers or air injection may be employed. For manual use, dilute up to 1:200. Rinse well after washing.


Works Well With:


Wax Rinse


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