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Aznu is the a highly advanced foaming tyre cleaner, dressing and renovator designed to produce a dark natural sheen on tyre walls providing an ‘as new’ appearance. Aznu’s foam action allows the product to adhere to the surface increasing contact time and improving cleaning finish.



  • Easy applied
  • Foam action lifts dirt from tyres
  • Produces an ‘as new’ natural sheen on tyre walls
  • Water repellent finish resists weathering
  • Applies to wet or dry tyres


How To Use:

Wash off excessively muddy tyres prior to application. Spray Aznu in a circular motion around the tyre wall. Allow a short contact time and simply wipe off any excess product. For optimum results a second coating may be applied and wiped as before.


Do not spray Aznu onto tyre tread or brake components. Shake can well before use.


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