Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner

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Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner is a truly universal cleaner, designed to be the most versatile product for use in the automotive sector. The excellent grease cutting power of Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner makes it ideal for removal of oil and grease from engine bays, door shuts, workshop floors, equipment and wheels – providing operators with ultimate versatility, cleaning power and economy.


Batericidal All Purpose Cleaner couples excellent cleaning power with proven bactericidal efficiency, which is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting emergency vehicle fleets, food transportation vehicles and food preparation areas.


Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner has been tested in accordance with EN1276 at a diltuon of 1:30 in standard water. Following 5 minutes contact time Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner has been proven to be effective against the following: Superbug, E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeriosis.



  • Multi-purpose versatile cleaner, degreaser and disinfectant
  • Safe for use on sensitive aluminium trim
  • Use as a TFR for bodywork, engines, workshop floors and equipment
  • Use as a fragranced bactericidal cleaner for door shuts, upholstery, carpets and trim
  • Tested in accordance with EN1276


How To Use:

Dilute Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner between 1:4 and 1:50 parts water, depending upon degree of soiling. Apply the product via pressure washer, hand sprayer, clothing, brush or mop. Allow for a short contact time, agitating stubborn deposits as required. Rinse thoroughly with clean water or a damp cloth.


For disinfection purposes use Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner diluted at up to 1:30 dilution. Allow a 5-minute contact time and rinse with clean water.


Works Well With:

Viking Brushes


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