CarPro Flash Pad

The flash pad is an absolutely revolutionary pad and will quite literally change your life! It was specifically designed to provide instant defect removal yet finishes down nearly perfect! The unique polyurethane foam allows you to easily remove heavy defects and powers through overspray, bird droppings, severe scratches, and almost any other type of marking that can be found on a painted surface. The beveled profile allows the face of the pad to contour out away from the backing plate providing an extra level of precaution around tight spots. They are extremely durable and have been proven to last twice as long as other pads on the market! Armed with only a Dual Action machine the amazing Flash Pad is capable of providing more cut than a typical rotary polisher setup and finishes down much better with zero holograms! Target: cutting.

Spec. Info:

Size: 3/5/6 inches.
Mat.: polyurethane
Foam hardness: 330kpa.
Cells size: 73ppi.
Foam density: 37kg/m3

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