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Exhibition Wax is a premium quality rich wax polish, with high shine wax content, for excellent depth of gloss leading to exhibition quality finish on all paint types. The high purity #1 grade carnauba wax is combined with both natural and synthetic waxes for a high wax gloss finish. The product is designed for easy application and will give a durable and weather resistant finish.



  • A rich wax polish for long lasting, high gloss shine and exhibition quality finish
  • Easy to use and good filling properties
  • Incorporates a high content of the finest grade of carnauba wax
  • High durability and weather protection



How To Use:

After washing and drying the vehicle, apply Exhibition Polish with a clean polishing cloth or sponge. When dry buff off with a soft, dry, microfiber cloth to leave a high gloss finish.


Shake well before use.



Works Well With:

Microfiber cloth, Cellulose Polish Sponge, Nano Protection Wax, Nielsen – Perfection Pad,




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