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F10 Perfect is a super fine grade, hyper-uniform particle size compound. Quickly removes swirl marks and holograms to produce a permanent deep gloss finish. Exceptional results by hand or machine. Low splatter and easy clean-up.

F10 Perfect is great for modern scratch resistant and self-healing clear-coats. Suitable for steel, plastic, aluminium and composite bodywork.

The silicone, ammonia and filler free formulation makes it ideal for use in body shops.


For perfect results use with Nielsen’s Revival Pad or finish with Nielsen’s Perfection Pad.



  • Super fine grade cutting, uniform particle size cutting compound
  • Removes scratches, paint defects and oxide film and swirl marks
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Silicone, ammonia and filler free



How To Use:

By Machine: Apply F10 Perfect to the centre of a slightly dampened buffing pad. Spread the F10 Perfect over the area to be treated on the lowest speed setting to prevent spattering. Increase the speed and work the F10 Perfect over the paint defect. When the process is complete, wipe away residues with a soft dry clot, or apply polish directly over the dried film and remove both in one operation – saving time and effort.


Shake container well before use.


Works Well With:

F3 Restore

Revival Pad

Backing Plate

Microfiber cloth

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