Transport superfoam II

Pack Sizes:

20Lt, 1000Lt



Transport Superfoam II is a mild, high foaming vehicle wash suitable for manual use, or through brushwash machines. The dense foam produced clings to the vehicle, prolonging contact time and improving cleaning performance. Transport Superfoam II can be used at low dilutions, making it an exceptionally economical cleaner.



  • High foaming vehicle shampoo
  • High foam for longer contact time
  • For brushwash machines and manual application
  • Suitable for use in water reclaim systems


How To Use:

Suitable for manual use or through brushwash machines. Use automatic dosing for brushwash at 1:200. Where high foam is required, foam sprayers or air injection may be employed. For manual use, dilute up to 1:200. Rinse well after washing.


Works Well With:

Tar & Glue Remover

Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner

Acid Wheel Cleaner

Wax Rinse

Wash mitts

Grit Guard

Silicone Drying Blades

Polish category


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