Blue Window clean II

Pack Sizes:

5Lt, 20Lt, 210Lt



The premium streak-free window and glass cleaner, Blue Window Clean II contains a specialise blend of solvents and detergents designed to clean and brighten glass, restoring its original clarity and brilliance. Blue Window Clean II is very easily applied and rapidly removes residues of flies, road film, nicotine from windscreens and glass. Unlike conventional glass cleaners Blue Window Clean II was formulated not to contain flammable solvents.



  • Restores original clarity to glass
  • Removes fly residues and road film
  • Non-abrasive formula
  • Does not mark rubbers
  • Easily applied
  • Non-smearing



How To Use:

Apply the product undiluted via a cloth or hand sprayer. Wipe over the surface of the glass and buff dry with a lint free cloth or absorbent paper to a bright clear finish.



Works Well With:

Microfiber cloth



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