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Fabric Protector is a single application product designed to stop water and oil based soils staining or soaking into upholstery. Once applied it will repel all common soils, making it easy to brush off or wipe away any dirt.

The product is compatible with most automotive upholstery and will not change the feel of the fabric. Once applied Fabric Protector will normally last a lifetime.



  • Protects vehicle upholstery from stains and spills.
  • Repels water and common oil borne soils
  • Maintains natural feel
  • Single application


How To Use:

It is highly recommended that Fabric Protector is tested on an inconspicuous area of fabric before use. Spray evenly, from 15-20cm away, across clean fabric or carpet avoiding saturation. Apply a second coat immediately perpendicular to the first. Touch dry within 20 minutes. Allow 6 hours to cure for maximum protection.  Avoid wetting and contact with plastic or rubber.


Shake can well before use.


Works Well With:

Microfiber cloth


Nap Low Foam

Nap Extra

Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner

Microfiber cloth


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