Fresh Linen Sheen

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Fresh Linen Sheen provides the users with a multi-purpose dry finish silicone spray with high impact fresh linen fragrance. Fresh Linen Sheen will restore the colour and lustre of interior trims and other automotive rubber and plastic components.


Sheen aerosols are also available in a range of fresh fragrances including, Citrus, Cranberry and Eau de Cologne, coupling exceptional finish with long lasting in car freshness.



  • Restores the colour of faded trim
  • Rejuvenates the natural lustre of plastic surfaces and trim
  • Warm fresh linen fragrance
  • Dry finish won’t attract dust.


How To Use:

Suitable for use on interior plastic and vinyl trim. Hold can 6-9 inches from surface, spray evenly and polish using a clean lint free cloth. Ventilate area well after use.


Works Well With:

Fresh Linen Burst

Microfiber cloth


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