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Premium Gold is a premium quality polish, which incorporates cross-linking fluoropolymer technology to provide a high gloss and exhibition quality finish with unrivalled durability. Premium Gold contains a synergistic blend of waxes, resins and sealers to enhance it’s log lasting performance. The unique formulation of Premium Gold Provides excellent wash and weather resistance and provides far superior durability and protection compared to that of conventional polishes.



  • A premium polish for long lasting, high shine and exhibition quality finish
  • Incorporates cross-linking fluoropolymer technology for exceptional wash resistance and weather protection.
  • Exceptional durability and protection compared to conventional polishes



How To Use:

After washing and drying the vehicle, apply the product with a clean polishing cloth or sponge. When dry buff off with a soft, dry, microfiber cloth to leave a high gloss finish.


Shake well before use.



Works Well With:

Microfiber cloth, Cellulose Polish Sponge, Nano Protection Wax, Nielsen – Perfection Pad,



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