Pack Sizes:

20Lt, 210Lt, 1000Lt



Sterogen is a high alkaline concentrate , deisgned to remove residues of brake dust and carbon from wheels. Sterogen works quickly and effectively without the use of aggressive acids.



  • Powerful deep cleaning action is very effective in cleaning curtain sided vehicles, trucks, forklifts and refuse lorries
  • Versatile formula may also be use to clean cars and light commercial vehicles
  • Powerful degreasing action for an exceptional chassis cleaner
  • NTA Free


How To Use:

Dilute u to 1:6 with water, spray evenly onto wheels, allow 1-2 minutes contact time, agitate if required then rince thoroughly with high pressure water. Sterogen will not damange workshop floors.


Always use at recommended dilutions, or sensitive paint finishes may be damage. Never allow the product to dry out on paintwork.


Works Well With:

Wax Rinse

Vikan Brushes

Acid Wheel Cleaner

Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner

Tar & Glue Remover


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