Wax Rinse

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Wax Rinse is a specialised blend of shine enhancers and de-watering agents deigned to ain the repelling of water and drying without smears. Wax Rinses’ water-repellent film improves vehicle finish and resists re-soiling and weathering



  • Sheds water and dries without smears for improved finish
  • Water repellent resists weathering and re-soiling
  • Can be added to a traffic film remover prior to cleaning or can be used as a separate rinse afterwards
  • Enhances shine
  • Silicone free


How To Use:

Apply at dilution of between 1:100 and 1:400 to all exterior surfaces right after the wash stage, simply wash your vehicle as normal, apply a fine mist of Wax Rinse and rinse off. Wax Rinse is very versatile and may be applied via sprayer, brushwash machine or by a low or high-pressure.


n final rinse water. May be applied by sprayer, pressure washer or through brushwash machine.


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