We were founded in the year 1986 in the field of car care products; we were established by sheikh Mohamed al Theban. Our first location was in the heart of the commercial business area in Riyadh. We offer premium car care products used by professional detailers. we are pleased to present to our customers with the experience of over Thirty years of developing and hard work and continuing to gain appreciation of our valued customers, a cleaning and polishing, protection, Nano Ceramic coating and car care tools by using modern technologies and newest products.

We built a reputation for developing innovative, high quality products. Continuous research and development ensures that stays ahead by utilizing the latest technology to meet the ever-growing needs of a diverse car care field. We are famous for our advanced divisions in a leading and creative concept in the field of auto care that meets all the requirements, interests of the elite.


We are committed to provide the best and finest car care products.
We carefully select and import the best material and tools from car care corporate in Europe, US, South Korea and China.

We seek after easy to use, stable, and economic products, listen to customer’s opinions always and reflect them to our products. Through ceaseless feedback not discontinued as only once purchasing, we try to produce our produces as a continuous partner for our customers.

we considers customer satisfaction our top priority, and will lead industry through exacting quality control and prompt service.
We make it easy for you to discover and shop an exclusive range of car care products from internationally recognized brand