transport 2000 plus (eco xl)

Pack Sizes:

20Lt, 210Lt, 1000LT



Eco XL contains a blend of emulsifiers, detergents, soil suspending aids water softeners and has been designed to combine excellent traffic film and grease removal with economy and low cost per wash.

Eco XL is an economical and universal traffic film remover that provides excellent results in all transport areas including heavy haulage, buses, light commercial, cars, plant and equipment, for both exterior and chassis cleaning.



  • Medium duty cleaning for all types of vehicles
  • Suitable for plant, equipment, engines and chassis
  • Concentrated for performance and economy
  • NTA Free


How To Use:

Pressure Washer: Use through pressure washer at 1% to 3% at the nozzle.

Pre-Spray: Can be used on a pre-wet surface at 1:10.

For general use dilute up to 1:50


Always use at recommended dilutions, or sensitive paint finishes may be damage. Never allow the product to dry out on paintwork.


Works Well With:

Wax Rinse

Vikan Brushes

Acid Wheel Cleaner

Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner

Tar & Glue Remover


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