18 ready to use templates.
OTW Grid Manager full version – drag & drop enabled to rows and columns too; easier and faster way to insert rows with columns; row settings – full width background color, animation, image, pattern, video, Parallax effects, Background filers and gradients; Full width content and full row height too.
Change template for all post from category.
Change template for individual posts.
Single posts additions – Tabs, Reviews, Handpicked related posts, OTW Fields.
5 Media Types – Image, Slider, Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud.
Lightboxes for posts media.
More template options – Horizonta or vertical meta, Meta icons or labels, custom icons and labels, separators on or off, meta styling and positioning.
Auto add alt and title tag on images
More media cropping options
Related post count per slide.
Duplicate option for template.
Translation/Localization .po/.mo files ready to use.
Support and free update

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