Choice is a high active silicone emulsion interior dressing designed for easy application. Use neat, Choice provides a deep high gloss shine, by dilution with water the finish is graded through a light sheen to a natural lustre.

Choice can also be used as a waterless detailer



  • Interior, tyre and engine dressing
  • Enhances the appearance and colour of plastic, vinyl, rubber and painted surfaces
  • Solvent free
  • May be diluted with water for excellent economy and variety of finishes.


How To Use:

Apply Choice to dash and interior vehicle trim via cloth or spray. Wipe over surfaces and allow to dry. Choice would typically used need to give a high gloss finish, but may be diluted 1:3 with water to give a natural sheen and diluted 1:10 with water to be used as a waterless detailer.



Works Well With:

Microfiber cloth

Trigger bottle


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